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Parent's Handbook

NLP & Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being

by Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC

Roger Ellerton, NLP Trainer


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Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where
individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated,
communication is open, and rules are flexible
-- the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.

Virginia Satir, Family Therapist

Parenting is not an idea, a concept or a belief. Its a process and therefore is neither static nor fixed in time that results in something special being created. Your activities and responsibilities as a parent evolve with your children, taking into account their needs - physical, social, emotional and intellectual and your ability to be aware of and to meet these needs. As an effective parent, you help your children overcome perceived limitations to do their best and to be a valued member of the family. All the while, you bump up against your own limitations - many of your own making.

Parents' Handbook: NLP & Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being provides you with tools, techniques, insights and approaches to improve the way you communicate, to be available emotionally and physically and to successfully fulfill the different roles expected of you as a parent. By the time you finish the Parents' Handbook, you will have discovered how to:

  • Have meaningful, supportive conversations with your partner and children.
  • Address beliefs or habits that get in the way of being an effective parent.
  • Help your children address beliefs or habits that limit them.
  • Support yourself and family members in achieving your respective dreams.
  • Fulfill the six primary parenting roles essential for the well-being of your children.
  • Support your children in learning effectively at school and at home.

Although written for parents, the material is presented at a level older teens can understand and use. With the aid of their parents, younger teens will also find most concepts in this book useful.

This book draws on an area of personal development called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP has helped hundreds of thousands discover their own potential and live the lives they desire. Make it the difference that makes a difference for your family. (All NLP concepts are introduced at an introductory level. No prior knowledge of NLP is required. For example, many of the reviews at, are written by people who had no initial knowledge of NLP.)

What Others Are Saying

As a parent of a 17 year old, I am glad that I have a copy in my bookshelf. Val Kinjerski, PhD, Author - Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters (Edmonton, Alberta)

This book will definitely be one that I share with parents in the parenting classes that I facilitate. Buying this book and spending the time to work through it is a small investment for a lifetime of better relationships in our families. Joyce M. Gilmour, Copy Editor and Book Reviewer (Brooklyn, Wisconsin)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book; the principles have provided me with a range of tools, techniques and approaches to improve the way I communicate with my children, which have already had an amazing effect. Donna Blinston (Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Great Britain)

Whether you want to improve communication in your family, or need a lifeline to prevent serious and sad outcomes with your children, this is the book for you. Marcia S. Freespirit (Lobelville, Tennessee)

I enjoyed this book immensely because of the clarity of its organization. The easy-to-read language walked me through step-by step how to change. Caron B. Goode, Inspired Parenting Coach (Fort Worth, Texas)

In more than twenty years of study, I have read many books about NLP. Roger Ellerton's is certainly one of the easiest to read. It has the depth and breadth to give anyone a solid introduction to the power of NLP's tools and techniques. Brian E Walsh PhD, Author - Unleashing Your Brilliance (Victoria, British Columbia)

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Trade Paperback / 6" x 9" / 203 pages
Published by Renewal Technologies Inc.
ISBN 978-0-9784452-6-3 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9784452-2-5 e-book

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